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Hello, I am Kevin Ireson the lead hypnotherapist at Relaxing Hypnotherapy in York. Having worked as a holistic therapist for over 30 years now, I have helped many clients with many issues. Most of them just needed to learn new methods to help them relax.

I highly recommend using hypnosis for therapeutic purposes, which is called hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy uses tried and tested techniques to help you find your own personal solutions to your individual issues. We are here to support you in making the good changes to your life that you really want to make.

Specialists in Helping You With Stress & Anxiety

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We are specialists in therapies for stress management. I think we can all agree there is a lot of stress in the fast paced, modern world. Be it in your workplace, in education or at home, we all have stressors that put pressure on us. Sometimes, the stress in our lives simply becomes too much. Before, during and after these overstressed periods, hypnotherapy can help you. Finding out what is stressing you and finding your own personal solutions to your individual stressors is what we do for you.
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We also specialise in anxiety therapy. Anxiety and stress are often related. However, anxiety can be an ongoing feeling of stress that lasts for extended periods. Similar techniques to those used to help with stress are used to help with your anxiety. There are also many additional specialised techniques to help. Everyone is different and everyone experience of anxiety is very individual. Finding out how you experience your personal anxiety and finding a solution especially for you is what we do.
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The relaxation based therapies you will learn help you cope better. When you understand what your issues are in detail and understand how you are reacting to those situation, we offer you new insightful ways to deal with them. These new techniques can be applied to many situations in your life. They are by no means a one trick pony. When you recognise what triggers your stress and or anxiety, you can see it coming and use your new coping strategies instead of blowing your top or panicking.
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Insomnia is regularly not getting to sleep easily or not staying asleep for a complete night’s rest. It can devastate your work performance, home life and relationships because you are moody and tired a lot. We can help you with dedicated insomnia treatment. Learn to relax into your sleep. A relaxed body can lead to good sleep. A relaxed, quiet mind allows you to sleep and gives you permission to submit to it happily. Contact us today for tried and tested treatments.
Hypnomassage is a fabulous amalgamation of relaxing massage and hypnotherapy. This combination of treatments lets you relax in both your mind and your body during the same session. This procedure can help busy stressed-out people who find it very difficult simply to relax. Book in today and find the tranquillity you are looking for. The stress relief you need is at hand. You will enjoy it and the peace and calm it can bring for you.
clearing phobias treatment with a balloon
Phobias are an irrational fear of something that many people have. They are confusing and can effect people everyday life badly. They get triggered when you experience the object, animal or situation etc. If you have a phobia, we have a number of hypnotherapy and NLP solutions which can help to free you from your fear. Click through to find out more about what these anxiety and fear based issues are and what we can offer you in the way of solutions.
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Reiki is an energy healing therapy that was discovered in Japan around 1900. It uses the Eastern concepts of chi (energy flow) and either light touch or hovering hands to help the flow within your body. There is emerging evidence that this type of healing therapy can indeed help with fatigue, anxiety and other issues. It is non-invasive as your therapist does not have to even touch you but, instead channels their own energy and the energy of the planet to be in tune with your and help. It can be performed by your therapist in person or online.
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How We Work With You During Your Appointment

  1. We start by creating an individual personal therapy plan for you.
  2. We listen attentively to you to understand what positive changes you want to make.
  3. Your own S.M.A.R.T. goals (<<< click for details) are noted and we measure success toward them.
  4. People are all different and your issues are experienced by you uniquely.
  5. We take the time to really understand the what, where, when and how, about you.
  6. We use personalised evidence-based hypnotherapy techniques to help you make your chosen positive changes, one at a time.
  7. Our aims are always to exceed your expectations of how hypnotherapy can help you.
  8. We are totally ethical in our approach and always do our very best for you.

What is Hypnosis?

To answer this question we should start with where the word originated. Hypnosis comes from the Greek word “ύπνος”, pronounced “hypnos” which means sleep. For our purposes hypnosis is a state of relaxed, sleep like hypnotic trance induced (brought about) by a professional, qualified, experienced, ethical hypnotist. During this sleep like state your unconscious mind is more open to positive suggestions to help you.  This being the actual therapy you are looking for. In other words, hypnosis is an induced state of relaxation of the body and mind used by hypnotherapists to help you change things you want to change in your life, for the better.

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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis to aid you in making helpful changes in your life. You will get a unique, personalised hypnotherapy session here. During it a state of deep relaxation is induced or in plain English brought about. This hypnotic trance like state is close to but not quite the same as deep sleep. In this state your sub-conscious mind becomes more open and receptive to the positive suggestions that your ethical, qualified hypnotherapist will offer you. All these suggestions will be derived from your own words and ideas which you told us about in your pre-therapy intake interview.

Another way of looking at hypnotherapy is being guided into and through a dream by an experienced dream guide (your hypnotherapist). While you are positively guided through this dream your sub-conscious, also known as unconscious mind is listening, while your conscious, analytical mind is asleep. The aims will always be to help you bring about positive changes and help you with trying, stressful issues in your life. Once awoken from your dream, your sub-conscious will take on board and act on all the wonderful changes you have told us you want to make.

***** Disclaimer – Results from the use of hypnotherapy and the other therapies we do can not be guaranteed. However I will always do my very best to inspire positive change in your life.*****

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  1. What a great website. I have read a lot of your detailed articles and feel confident now you know about therapy. What i don’t understand is how come I had to look so hard to find you. Why on earth is this website not more appreciated than it is? You write well, intelligent yet understandable. Everything i wanted to know is explained from different perspectives here. I will be sending in my form to you soon for an appointment.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Twicksey. I am glad you appreciate my site with all the hard work that went into producing it. I look forward to receiving your intake form and will be in touch soon. All the best, Kevin.