Price List for Therapy at Relaxing Hypnotherapy York

small thinker statue castTake your first step and let’s talk. Your first, initial 15-minute consultation will be free. So please call 07979 814388 or text us at any reasonable hour (9 am – 5 pm 7 days/week). If there is no answer (we are busy) please leave a message saying who you are, leave your own telephone number and what issue you would like help with. We will get back to you as soon as we are able.

Alternatively, you can fill out a detailed Intake Form (which takes 30 minutes) or just drop us an email with what issues you would like to get therapy for via our Contact Form and we will get back to you.

After we have both decided we would like to work together charges are £70 per hour for our therapy services. There is no VAT to add.

We offer discounts if you book multiple sessions. If either of us feel more sessions are not required then a refund for unused hours is offered.

Costs for Online or In Person Treatments

This is the basic figure for hourly treatments here. Different issues can take varied times to deal with in therapy. Depending on what issues you want us to tackle it can mean 1 session at £70 / hour or it can mean more. Email us with some detail about your concerns and we can give you a better idea.

This is the basic figure for hourly treatments that use NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) techniques. These may be incorporated into a hypnotherapy session or can be used out of hypnosis. NLP has powerful and well-documented methods (called strategies) that are useful in therapy.

Help to relax is something we can all use sometimes. When stress hits us it is sometimes hard to switch off. With an hour-long relaxation therapy session, you can end up feeling soothed and calm, like a weight has been lifted off. We use hypnosis to heighten the experience for you and can “anchor” that feeling for you. This means you can get some of that feeling of overall well-being any time you need it. 1 session can be enough to really help you.

Reiki is a wonderful relaxation therapy that is equally good online or in person. The choice is yours. Energy or chi is guided along your meridians to the chakras to heal and unblock the flow. You can feel quite warm, perhaps tingling in your body as you are taken through the practice. Emotional release can also happen as your energy releases. It’s all fine in private with your therapist and perfectly normal to feel like this. Many people are very happy, almost renewed after a session like this.

Hypno-massage offers you 30 minutes of hypnotic relaxation and 1 hour of hands-on massage. We start by guiding you through hypnosis to relax in your peaceful place. Then we use gentle, positive suggestion therapy as you relax during a full body massage. The ultimate way to … just … relax … yes.

Stress management is important in todays stress filled world. We all get stressed. There is good stress and bad stress. When the bad stress becomes too much, we can help you. We have many different stress management tools we will teach you. If you or we feel your stress is better before the end of the 3 sessions, you get some money back.

Insomnia is regularly not getting to sleep or not staying asleep. This can devastate you at home and at work. Insomnia treatment with hypnotherapy and CBT can help. Contact us by email or call today 07979 814 388 to book your appointments that can aid you with this sleep disorder.

Anxiety is a long-term issue that takes time. 6 sessions of anxiety therapy is appropriate but, if you don’t need them all you get some money refunded.