Example of NLP Technique in Action – Stay Calm & Emotionally Intelligent

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Talking is therapy in itself. So, we start off talking about the issues. Use of your imagination is then employed to aid you to your own solutions to the problems. Create a movie in your mind of the solution happening. Rinse and repeat the move until the problem simply does not come back, only the solution is there.

2 guys talking calm water sunset backgroundTalking IS Therapy – So let’s Talk

As defined within the NLP tenets or pillars the first step we should take is building good rapport with you. This seems fairly obvious really. In any new client / therapist relationship you must get to know each other and build trust. Liking each other is a good start too.

Use Your Imagination to Create Your Own Solutions

Next through talking we find the problem and then you will choose a solution as your personal goal. So, imagine the boss yelling at you is the problem. You often get very upset and agitated and can’t think straight when it happens.

We can help you by talking about it with you openly and non-judgementally. We won’t offer you a solution even if we want to. It is far better when you come up with your own solution. In our example that might be you want to stay calm and collected when it happens.

Tree in calm water - just breathe and stay calm.Make Your Solution Into A Film to See it Happening

Using your imagination to fully understand this solution can be an aid here. So, imagine the solution is actually happening. Create a movie of the solution in your own mind. There is the boss, yelling his head off in the office and there are you being calm and collected waiting for an opportunity to respond. When you have a chance, you then say, “OK that’s great. Thanks for your input boss. I will go and sort that out for you right now!”.

Then run through the movie in your mind over and over, faster and faster. Make your own solution the solution you will choose naturally the next time it happens. The outcome of this can be to change how you react for the better.

Being Emotionally Intelligent & in Control IS a Win

There is you in a public office staying calm while your boss is blowing his top in front of everyone. So who comes out better in this scenario do you think? That’s right, you win by simply staying in control and calm. Being emotionally intelligent in any situation is always a good thing. This is something NLP can teach you quickly and easily.


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  1. Nice! This was an really article with good research and examples imo. Thanks for supplying this information.

    1. Hello Kallam, thank you for visiting and your positive comments about my articles. All of the information on this site is very well researched before it is published. I also try to create easy to understand examples for all readers. Feel free to contact me should you feel the need for therapy any time. All the best, Kevin

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