Treatment for Anxiety Online – 6 Session Anxiety Therapy Outline

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Please note, this is an example plan of a 6 session hypnotherapy for anxiety treatment. It also incudes some detail of how each session can help. However, it is only an example outline for therapy sessions. The treatments mentioned here may not be the exact treatments you receive. This is because, everyone’s anxiety is a personal and individual experience. So, your therapy will also be personalised. There is no one size fits all solution in hypnotherapy. Instead, we tailor your therapy to fit you as a unique individual.

Your therapist is qualified and experienced in dealing with anxiety. This outline plan has been produced to give you confidence in choosing Relaxing Hypnotherapy to help you. Please feel free to contact us or fill out an intake form.

Picture of a woman on a bench looking out to sea.Before we start therapy an intake form or questionnaire for anxiety will be sent to you to fill out. The more you think about this and the more detail you give, the better your therapist and you will understand your personal situation.

Next, we will have to set up a convenient time for your 6 appointments. One appointment a week at the same time is a good plan. Your first appointment will be longer than the others because of the information gathering that happens. So, you should allow about 90 minutes for it. After this each session should be about 1 hour.

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Session 1 Anxiety Treatment <<< Click for More Details

Hypnotherapy is explained to you in plain English.
Next therapy begins with a hypnotic induction.
SUDS measure of how your anxiety feels to you (10 worst ever – 1 no anxiety).
A peaceful place deepener.
Calming, relaxing breathing techniques are taught.
Ego-strengthening to suggest the you are able to change, you want to change and it will be to make your life better.
SUDS measure for comparison of how your anxiety feels to you (10 worst ever – 1 no anxiety).
Count out of hypnosis 1,2,3,4,5.
Talk about how you feel.
Agree to practicing breathing techniques as best you can.

Photo of sun poking through treesSession 2 Anxiety Therapy <<<

Discuss progression since last appointment.
Induce hypnosis.
SUDS measure of how your anxiety feels (10 worst ever – 1 no anxiety).
Peaceful place deepener.
“Anchor” calm, relaxed. peaceful place feelings.
Metaphor to release anxious feelings.
Positive ego-strengthening suggestions.
SUDS measure for comparison of how your anxiety feels to you (10 worst ever – 1 no anxiety).
Count out of hypnosis.
Talk about peaceful place anchor and agree to use it to calm down regularly.
Practice CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) techniques.

Older woman comforting child as happens in age regression therapySession 3 Age Regression Hypnotherapy for Anxiety <<<

Discussion about how you are progressing.
Discussion about age regression therapy and agreement to use it.
Induction of hypnosis.
SUDS measure of your anxiety (10 worst ever – 1 no anxiety).
Deepen hypnosis with your peaceful place.
Reinforce your “anchor” of relaxing, peaceful place emotions and feelings.
Further deepening of hypnosis with counting or walking downstairs metaphor.
Age regression to find Initial Sensitising Event (ISE).
Allow the older, wiser, more intelligent you of today to comfort the younger you and tell them it will all be OK in your future because, things are OK with you today.
Future pacing to see yourself coping well in situations you used to be anxious about.
SUDS (1 to 10).
Count out of hypnosis.
At home practice breathing, using your anchor and STOP!.

Picture of Worry Chair and not worry chairSession 4 – Treatment for Anxiety

Discuss how you are progressing since you last appointment.
Induce hypnosis.
SUDS to measure anxiety (10 worst ever – 1 no anxiety).
Deepening with peaceful place.
Reinforce “anchor” of peaceful place feelings.
Worry chair metaphor to allow you a single time and place to worry.
SUDS measure of anxious feelings.
Count out.
Discuss worry chair. Practice breathing, use your anchor and STOP!
Agree to the creation of worry chair or worry corner at home and allow worry there and no where else 5 minutes a day.
When worrying starts outside that time and space, STOP! Then tell it to come back later in your worry space.

picture of tree in a misty field
Session 5 Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Talk about progress over the last week.
Hypnotic induction.
SUDS scale (10 to 1) measuring your anxiety.
Metaphor of your personal peaceful place as a deepener.
Positive age progression. See yourself in the future managing well in what were situations that caused you anxiety.
Suggestions for positive change.
SUDS scale (10 to 1).
Count out of hypnosis.
Practice with peaceful place anchor, breathing, STOP!
Do things you used to avoid because of anxiety.

Session 6 of 6 Anxiety Treatment

Talk about progress over the last 5 weeks.
SUDS scale (10 to 1).
Ego-strengthening about feeling anxiety free.
Release technique for remaining negative feelings.
Post hypnotic ego-strengthening suggestions.
SUDS scale (10 to 1).
Count out.
Discussion of SUDS results over the 6 weeks.
End of therapy.


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