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Your lead therapist Kevin is qualified to use Hypnotherpy, NLP (Neuro Linguist Programming), Mindfulness, Reiki and CBT based treatments. All techniques we use are tried and tested, meaning they can work for you like they have with many others. They can all help bring relief with many issues you may have like stress and anxiety.

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We specialise in stress management. There is a lot of stress in the fast paced, modern society. No matter where it comes from, maybe your work or home, we all have stressors that pressurise us. After a while that pressure and can stress in our lives simply become a bit too much to bear. Our therpy can help overstressed people cope better. Click to find out more.
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Therapy for anxiety is another speciality here. People who suffer will understand stress and anxiety can be related. Anxiety however is not a short-term thing. It is ongoing stress that just doesn't seem to end. Some methods similar to stress therapy are used to help with anxiety. There are also many other more dedicated ways to help you cope better.
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Relaxation therapies help you cope better whatever the situation. You will learn about what causes you issues and techniques to deal with them. You can use these new intuitive techniques in many situations at work and home. When you notice a situation arising, don't panic. Instead, open up your toolbox and relax for a few moments before responding.
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Insomnia affects many people from all walks of life. It is the consistent inability to get to sleep or stay asleep. This lack of good quality sleep has devastating effects on people. However, hypnotherapy treatment can help. We can teach you relaxation techniques you can use at bedtime to relax your body and calm your mind. Relaxed body, quiet mind, sleep. Yes.
Hypno-massage is a wonderful mixture of relaxing hypnosis and massage therapy. It allows you to relax first in your mind and then your body. It is a new approach to an age old problem for those of us who find it really hard to relax. Busy people with busy lives will really enjoy this style of therapy. It is a truly enhanced way of finding some of the peace you want and need.
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Phobias affect many people. They are characterized by an irrational and often debilitating fear of a specific thing. Once triggered, they can severely impact one's daily life. If you happen to suffer from a phobia, don’t panic because we offer a range of hypnotherapy and NLP solutions to help alleviate your anxiety and fear. Click through to learn more about phobias and how we can help you to cope better.

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  1. I’m really impressed with you work, I must say. Seldom do I see a webpage that’s both educative and engaging like this one. Thes treatemnts are something that not many poeple are wrting intelligently about like this. I’m very please and satified I found this this stuff and I will be coming back for updates.

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