Hypno-Massage – Ultimate Relaxation for Your Mind & Body

Zen moment of relaxation by woman on a bench on a hill at sunrise.If you want to relax really deeply, hypno-massage is a good choice. Using a mixture of relaxing hypnotherapy techniques and soothing massage therapy can enhance both treatments. If you are stressed out often and find it hard to relax then make an appointment today. This deep relaxation treatment might well be exactly what you are looking for. The ulimate in total relaxation.

What is Hypno-Massage?

Hypno-Massage is a relaxation treatment that involves a mixture of hypnotherapy and massage. There are a number of hypnotherapy techniques that can help you to relax. Hypnosis can allow you to put all your troubles and worries aside for a moment. Your therapist will use your own words to metaphorically take you to a wonderful peaceful place you have described. Then once totally relaxed, a full body massage will take place. So, your mind relaxes and then your body relaxes with the guidance of a trained, ethical professional. Book in for an apointment today and simply allow yourself to … relax … completely.

The Perfect Choice for Those Who Have Difficulty Relaxing

Many people in todays go, go, go, busy world find it hard to relax. In fact, there are some people that really don’t know how to relax at all. Texts, calls, email, social media its never-ending other people needing your time and attention. For these people and for others too hypno-massage is a good way to discover what relaxation is all about.

Relax Your Mind & Body Together

Relaxation of the mind & body is a very personal thing. Real relaxation can only happen when you really want it to. Hypno-massage is all about your choice of exactly where and how you want to relax in your own mind. Then a further relaxation of the body through different, hands on techniques can enhance your relaxation. It can reach levels you never thought possible. If you would like to totally bliss out and relax book an appointment today.

What Happens During a Hypno-Massage Treatment?
  1. You fill out a required therapy intake form or answer some questions your therapist asks you. There are no wrong answers and all question relate to your specialist subject. That subject being you and the individual world you exist in.
  2. A state of hypnosis is induced using tried and tested methods. This might include progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) and suggestions of allowing yourself to relax and enjoying relaxation.
  3. Positive metaphors (stories) about going deeper and deeper into hypnosis can enhance your relaxing experience.
  4. Now, you arrive at your personal peaceful place in your mind’s eye and can enjoy relaxing there for a while.
  5. You are brought out of hypnosis gently.
  6. Remembering all the useful and positive things that happened during hypnosis, you are now prepared for your massage.
  7. Your relaxing massage begins. You can choose for it to last an hour or an hour and a half.
  8. After care advice is given and you will probably feel like you are walking on air as you leave.


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