What Does LGBT+ Mean Exactly?

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LGBT+ is an acronym that stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Plus. The “+” sign at the end represents the inclusion of other sexual orientations and gender identities that may not be explicitly mentioned in the original acronym. It was first coined circa 1988 in the USA and popularised in the 1990’s. It is in common use worldwide today in the 21st century. It is a term that encompasses a diverse range of identities and experiences within the community.

Let's break LGBT+ Down Letter by Letter +

  • Lesbian: Refers to women who are attracted romantically, emotionally, and/or sexually to other women.
  • Gay: Primarily used to describe men who are attracted romantically, emotionally, and/or sexually to other men. However, it can also be used more broadly to include anyone who is attracted to the same gender. So, a lesbian can identify as a gay woman if she so chooses. This term was a first attempt at being inclusive in the wider community.
  • Bisexual: Refers to individuals who are sexually attracted to both their own gender and other genders. This includes a broad spectrum of people who identify as bisexual, pansexual, and fluid, among others.
  • Transgender: Refers to individuals whose gender identity does not align with the sex assigned to them at birth. Transgender individuals may transition to live as their affirmed gender, and they may use a variety of methods, including hormone therapy and gender-affirming surgeries, to align their physical appearance with their gender identity.
  • + The term LGBT+ recognizes and affirms the existence and experiences of individuals whose sexual orientations or gender identities may not fit within these specific categories. It is a way of acknowledging the diversity within the community and creating an all inclusive space for everyone.

History of LGBT+ Expanding Inclusivity For All

LGBTQIA+ letters in rainbow letters across the knuckles of 2 handsAlthough this 5-character acronym is popularly used and understood, it’s important to note that it has expanded over the years to include additional letters. The aim of this being to be as inclusive as possible. Additions include Q (LGBTQ+ Queer or Questioning), I (LGBTQI+ Intersex), A (LGBTQIA+ Asexual, Aromantic, or Agender), and more depending on where you live. This growth reflects the ever-evolving human understanding of sexuality and gender identity in the community at large.

LGBT+ individuals come from all walks of life and have unique experiences, challenges, and strengths. Embracing this diversity and promoting inclusivity is crucial in creating a supportive and affirming environment for everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Therapy here can help you because it is all completely nonjudgmental.

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