PMR at Home

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7 Steps to Getting Started with PMR at Home When you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, it’s time to give progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) a try. PMR is a powerful relaxation technique that can help you tackle stress and anxiety head-on. When you are wound up, this is a great way to wind down. When […]

PMR Induced Hypnosis

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How Does PMR Induce Hypnosis? Have you ever wondered how progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) can induce hypnosis? It may seem like a strange concept, but PMR can guide your mind into a natural deeply relaxed state, making it easier to access your sub-conscious mind and enter a state of hypnosis. We in fact achieve this […]

PMR for Sleep

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) Can Help Improve Sleep Quality Do you find it difficult to fall asleep at night because you’re always anxiously thinking or worrying? Do you often wake up feeling tired, groggy in a bad mood all day because of lack of quality sleep? These two issues can lead to poor work performance […]

Deep Relaxation PMR

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Deep Relaxation Techniques Used During PMR To Deepen Your Relaxation Are you ready to dive deeper into the world of progressive muscle relaxation (PMR) and discover some powerful deep relaxation techniques? In this article, we will explore a few techniques that can help you achieve a state of profound relaxation and reap the full benefits […]

PMR for Stress & Anxiety

PMR is used in hypnotherapy to induce hypnotic trance

The Positive Effects of PMR on Stress and Anxiety Are you tired of constantly feeling stressed and anxious? Do you need something to really help you cope better? Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) may be just the solution for you. This powerful technique has been proven to have numerous positive effects on stress and anxiety by […]

Understanding PMR

Understanding the Power of PMR – Progressive Muscle Relaxation Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) is a powerful technique used in hypnotherapy, NLP, mindfulness practice and meditation. It is a great too to have in your toolbox that can help you tackle your stress and anxiety head-on. By reading on you will being to understand more about […]

Fast PMR Induction

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Fast PMR Induction © Kevin Ireson 2019 NOTICE: If you are driving or working with any equipment and it is not safe for you to relax into hypnosis please DO NOT listen to this text. Please sit. Good. Get yourself comfortable now and allow your eyes to close gently. Yes. That’s good. Adjust your body, […]