Fast PMR Induction © Kevin Ireson 2019

NOTICE: If you are driving or working with any equipment and it is not safe for you to relax into hypnosis please DO NOT listen to this text.

Please sit. Good. Get yourself comfortable now and allow your eyes to close gently. Yes. That’s good. Adjust your body, shifting a little this way a little that way, so as to get yourself into a position where you are very comfortable and ready, truly ready to relax. As you are listening to the sound of my voice allow your body to begin to relax and please nod to say yes, you are ready to begin. (client nods) Yes. Good. 

Now allow yourself to focus on your breathing. On each in breath imagine or feel you are breathing in soothing relaxation. Good. Well done. And on each out breath imagine you are breathing out any tension or holding in your muscles. Good. In a moment I would like you to take 3 deep breaths. (time with clients breathing) Starting now. Relaxation in, tension out. Calm or peace in, any tightness or holding out. Relaxation in, tension out. Yes. Well done.

Now as you breath gently and slowly move your focus all the way down your body. All the way to your feet. And when you arrive at your feet, I would like you to tense every muscle there, hard, tense, tight, and on your next out breath just allow all of the tension to go. Yes.

Now move your focus or attention up your body to both your legs, your calves and thighs. And as you arrive there allow all the muscles in your legs to go hard and tight. And on your next out breath just breath all the tightness or tension out. Good. Well done.

Now transfer your awareness to your torso, your stomach and chest. As your do so tense and hold all those muscles. Feel the tension and on your next outbreath, simple allow all the tension to leave. Notice or feel the contrast. Sense what it is like to really … relax. Good.

Now move your focus into the full length of both your arms. As you arrive here stiffen or harden all those arm muscles. And on your next out breath. Just allow all that hardness to go. Yes. Note or feel the difference. Understand how softening both your arms feels to you. Yes. Well done.

Now move your awareness to all your neck and shoulder muscles. When you arrive there, tense or hold those muscles tight and with your next out breath just allow all of that tension to go. Yes. That’s good.

Now move your attention or focus to all of the muscles in your face. And when you reach there in your minds eye, tense or scrunch up all the muscles in your face. Notice the tightness or tension and on your next out breath … let go … relaxing deeper and deeper. Yes. Well done. That feels good.

Next in a few moments I am going to count from 1 to 3. When you hear the number 3 you will open your eyes for just a moment, and then close them again going deeper and deeper, twice as deep as before.

Starting now, 1, 2, 3, open and close. Deeper and deeper. Yes. Good.

Starting now, 1, 2, 3 open and close. Going deeper and deeper twice as deep. Yes. Well done.

Starting now, 1, 2, 3 open and close. Going deeper and deeper. 10 times as deep as before. Yes. Relax. Good. 

(follow with further deepeners as necessary, therapeutic positive suggestions, future pacing and count out back to full wakefulness)

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