If I asked you what hypnotherapy is, how would you respond?

Answer from Anonymous Client: “I’ve seen messing with watches in films and cartoons but, I am not sure how real that is. You can go into an audience and see people do it on TV.”


This client has quite an accurate view of what is called an eye fixation method of induction (using a watch). However, doesn’t actually know it can really be used as it was from films. It is important to a hypnotherapist that there is some doubt about this technique there because, we will have to build her confidence in it, if we are to use it in a session with her.

Tell Us in Your Own Words 

Positively, it is also important that we do have something “in her own words” to work with here. With our knowledge we can easily explain to her that this film concept of hypnosis can be used as it is similar to many basic eye fixation inductions. Simply put, focusing on a spot on the wall, a shelf corner above horizontal eyeline or the client’s own finger in a similar position will do the same job as the hypnotherapists watch in the film. That job being tiring the eyes and making the client want to close them for sheer relief from the tiredness.

Hypnotherapy Is Not Entertainment, It Is Therapy

She has knowledge of stage hypnosis as entertainment. As with all other people interviewed this is quite prominently mentioned.

This is important to us because somehow, we must change her thinking of it as entertainment. We are not here to entertain her in any way, we are here to help her with therapy. Making sure we are dressed as a “figure of authority” will help with this. We must be certain that she sees us in a positive light for us to be able to help her.

Be Positive About Hypnotherapy Helping You

We must also manage her expectations of the treatment to be positive about hypnotherapy.  Coe W et al (2011) shows us evidence that how what you tell your clients before a treatment can affect its outcome. So, having a good introduction to hypnotherapy to tell clients including many true and positive aspects will be beneficial for them.


Coe W et al (2011) Expectations and Sequelae to Hypnosis: Initial Findings {online] available at https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/00029157.1995.10403172 Accessed 25/01/21

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  1. Had to have a giggle when i read this because, this is exactly how I see hypnotherapy. I have a very old memory of watching tv cartoons maybe wiley coyote and road runner and their eye go all wild when they are hypnotised. If this is the only memory I have of hypnosis will it work on me?

    1. Hi Janet, thank you for your message. Hypnosis works on most people. Just think of the huge industry surrounding adverting. All advertising is suggestion, which is what some parts of hypnotherapy is too. Your memory of that cartoon should not effect your treatment. If you would like to use the Contact Form to tell me what you are looking for help with we can get started soon. All the best, Kevin

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