Session 6 of 6 Release Anxious Thoughs and Feelings

Talk about progress over the last 5 weeks. How are you coping in situations in which you used to be anxious? How does your anxiety feel now and compare it with the results we have been taken for the last 6 weeks. If it all feels much better, ethically it is time to stop therapy.

Plan for Hypnotherapy Session 6 of 6 - Anxiety Release Technique

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  • Hypnotic induction client enjoyed most.
  • SUDS scale (10 to 1) of your anxiety.
  • Peaceful place deepener.
  • Ego-strengthening. Feeling emotionally intelligent, feeling good, feeling strong, feeling positive, feeling good about yourself and of course feeling good about being anxiety free.
  • Release metaphor or story for any remaining anxious feelings. Now, in your mind’s eye you see or notice you are sitting at a safe distance around a campfire feeling happy, safe, warm and comfortable. You notice have a pen and a notepad with you. You being to write on a sheet of paper any remaining anxious thoughts and feelings 1 by 1. As you right the first one down you rip or tear the paper sheet out of the notepad. You scrunch it up onto a ball in your hands and throw it into the campfire. It quickly burns up and floats away in the smoke. You continue to do this with any remaining anxious thoughts or feelings (rinse and repeat) until there are no more left. Take your time and please tell me or give me a nod when you are done. (wait for the response) Well done.
  • Post hypnotic ego-strengthening suggestions about feeling anxiety free, happy, good. You notice or realise you will take everything you have found useful or helpful to you away with you today. You feel or notice any issues you had with anxiety or stress are no longer a problem for you anymore. Good. Yes. Well done.
  • SUDS scale (10 to 1) of your anxiety.
  • Count out of hypnosis.


Before We End Your Therapy

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  • Post hypnosis discussion about SUDS results over the 6 weeks.
  • Ethically if the SUDS result are positive there is no need for more sessions. This comparison is made all the way through the 6 sessions and if results are very good then therapy can be terminated at any point.
  • End of therapy sessions.

Our Time Together Successfully Completed

Woman freely dancing through a meadowPlease feel free to contact me at any point in the future should you wish to. I am here to help you as best I can. Enjoy your anxiety free life to the full.

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