Session 1 of 6 - Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

Before your therapy can begin you will have been sent and filled out an anxiety questionnaire or intake form by another name. This is about your personal anxiety and how it affects you. Every person is different and how they experience their anxiety, in their personal world, will be different. So, to help you we really need to know as much in the way of detail as possible or as much you wish to give us. Your therapist will use this confidential information to tailor your therapy sessions. By filling it out and sending it back you will also be considered to have given consent for the therapy to take place. When you are ready for treatment for your anxiety contact us by email or call 07979 814988 today so we can help you.

Arrange 6 Suitable Dates and Times

We will have to arrange a specific time over the next 6 weeks to meet for an hour. These times can be altered with a reasonable about of notice from you. You should be able to have a quiet place where you can be on your own, are not interrupted, where you can receive therapy. It is best to tell those who need to know to please keep quiet and keep out of your room because you need some “me time” wherever you choose to have your therapy.

Session 1 of 6 Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

  • Further information gathering, clarification of your symptoms and initial hypnotherapy. The more detail you provide us about your specialist subject on the questionnaire / intake form, that being you and how you are feeling, on the form the better. However, there are bound to be some details your therapist would like to know more about or clarify with you.
  • Once the above has been completed, your therapist will explain in plain English what hypnotherapy is, its limitations and how it can help you.
  • Then to begin your therapy. hypnosis is induced (brought about by your therapist using a good, relaxing induction technique).
  • Next while in hypnosis we measure how you are feeling on a 1 to 10 SUDS scale (Subjective Units of Distress Scale). 10 would be the worst anxiety you have ever felt to 1 which would be no anxiety at all.
  • Next breathing techniques will be taught in hypnosis. These will be a quick, easy way for you to calm yourself when you feel anxious at any time.
  • Then ego-strengthening suggestions are offered to you. These will be ethical suggestions aimed at you actually making the positive changes you want to make to make your life better and cope better.
  • Again we measure the unmeasurable using SUDS (anxiety on a 10 to 1 scale) in hypnosis to measure how anxious you are feeling at the end of your therapy session.
  • Count you out of hypnosis back to full consciousness. (usually a count of 1 to 5 with slow gentle suggestion you are feeling more awake and feeling happier, feeling better in yourself at each number).
  • Practice breathing techniques out of hypnosis to make sure you remember them,
  • Post hypnosis talk. How are you feeling? What part of the therapy do you think did you the most good? Etc. This talk is not obligatory. You can choose to end the session here if you wish.
  • Add-ons to do out of therapy – Practice your new breathing technique and get to know it well.



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  1. I think have anxiety. I just read up what you are saying about it here nd I thinkk this therapy could be of use to me. Should I fill out a form or contact you by phone?

    1. Hi Paul, Thank you for your comment and questions. It is up to you how you contact me. The beauty of the online intake form is it will allow you to think in depth about your issues. This might bring you some insight into them.

      Also, a consultation is a requirement before any therapy treatment. So, it will have to be done at some time. The thing is, as a bonus, if you do it online it does not take up any therapy time, So all the consultation costs you is some time. I look forward to hearing from you. All the best, Kevin

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