Session 5 of 6 - Positive Age Progression - See Yourself Free From Anxiety

picture of tree in a misty fieldTalk with your therapist about your progress since your last appointment. How are you coping with your anxiety now? How often are you becoming anxious, more often or less often? Are there and specific situations you are still avoiding because of anxiety? If so, please describe them. Are there any specific situations you notice you are feeling anxious before, during or after? If so, please describe them.

Plan of Hypnotherapy for Anxiety Session 5 of 6

Man in quiet field aloone looking at sunset

  • Hypnotic induction.
  • SUDS scale (10 to 1) of your anxiety.
  • Peaceful place deepener.
  • Positive age progression. Possibly timeline progression. See yourself in your mind’s eye, in your future coping well in situations you used to feel anxious in. See yourself doing tasks well and pat yourself on the back, congratulate yourself for this. If need be, your therapist can guide you through the techniques / tools you have learned to stay calm and relaxed. This can be done a few times in a few different situations if time permits.
  • Ego-strengthening.
  • SUDS scale (10 to 1) of your anxiety.
  • Count out of hypnosis.

Add-Ons for You to do at Home

  1. Continue with peaceful place anchor, breathing, STOP etc.
  2. Do more things you have been avoiding because of your anxiety and use your coping tools to stay calm.
  3. When at home and you complete a small task, take a moment to congratulate yourself or pat yourself on the back. Do this as often as you like.
  4. You might even ask “Alexa, round of applause!”.
  5. Congratulate yourself for every success you have this week. You deserve it!

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