S.T.O.P. Anxiety & Stress the Moment it Happens

When you are feeling stressed or anxious using this simple technique can help. Call us on 07979 814388 today to learn this coping technique and many more to stop your stress and anxiety in its tracks!

When You Start Feeling Stressed, STOP!

  • S – Simply STOP for a moment!
  • T – Take a few slow, relaxing, deep breaths.
  • O – Observe the situation and how you are reacting.
  • P – Proceed applying a different, calm, controlled, emotionally intelligent solution.

Simply stopping, for a moment or two can help you understand and feel what is going on better. Your body will be telling you, you are feeling stress and anxiety. When you feel it happening, STOP!

Deep breaths are a very useful tool. They can be a good first aid in many situations. In this stressful moment, they are psychological first aid for you. Your body and mind can see this deep breathing as a signal it is time to slow down, calm down, relax a bit.

Breathe in slowly, hold for a moment and even more slowly out. You can even count as you breath in for 7, hold for 5 and really slowly breath out for 11. The counting can also be a good additional distraction from the moment.

Now it is time to observe. Take mental note of the situation. Exactly what is happening to make you feel like this? See it, feel it, hear it, smell it. What is really happening here?

Then observe how you are reacting to it. Is there a better way? Is there a calmer way? Is there a more controlled way to react to what’s actually happening?

Proceed on having taken these moments. Move forward with the situation with emotional intelligence. You can be calmer. You can be more controlled. Apply your emotional intelligence right here, right now.

Well done! Give yourself a pat on the back.


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  1. Just saw your STOP thing here and have now been using it all week. Works really well for me. Thus would you mind if I put this to the test? I am looking to set up a test of about 100 people suffering from stress and see how it works on them all. I will come back to you with details of the results and I am sure they are oging to be positive. Please do let me know in a reply here if this okay? Thanks!

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