Personal Stress Test - How Stressed are You Really?

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Stress is high in the modern world. Sometimes we can simply not be aware of how stressed we are. This quick quiz will give you an idea of your stress levels.

Please don’t over think the questions. Just quickly tick the box if it’s true for you personally.

After completion total your ticks up and compare them to the results at the bottom of the page. The result scores have been put at the bottom so you don’t read them before the test. Knowing what you are supposed to be scoring would make the test invalid. So let’s begin …

Now scroll back up and count the total number of boxes you have ticked. This will be your stress score.

Please note findings here from the total number of boxes you have ticked are not going to be concrete evidence of anything as everyone and everyone’s life and work situation are different.

However, it will give you an idea of how stressed you are right here, right now.





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Your Stress Score Results
  • if you score between 1-5, you handle stress well.
  • score between 6-10, your stress management is moderate but, could be better.
  • score between 11-15, stress is an issue for you but, we can help.
  • score 16 or over, you have stress related problems that need resolution. Contact us for an appointment today.