What Causes Stress and How Can it Become Damaging?

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Stress is brought about by stressors. Stressors (people, tasks, deadlines etc) exert pressure upon us. The result of this is to stimulate the fff (fight, flight, freeze) stress response. Now in the right situation this is a good thing. If you hear a bear growling and see it standing upright in the forest, the fff stress response will fill you full of adrenalin so you can run away. However, being stressed all the time can lead to a devastating burnout. We are here to help you avoid this by introducing you to good skills to help you cope better, calm yourself down, be more emotionally intelligent and understand more about the way you actually feel when you are stressed.

Examples of Stressors You May Recognise in Today’s Busy Modern World;

  • Getting up late, feeling tired and missing breakfast.
  • By the traffic on the drive to work.
  • When your train is running late.
  • Not being able to find a parking spot.
  • An impending deadline at work.
  • Working over lunch hour and grabbing a quick bite to eat.
  • Your bosses demands upon you.
  • Traffic at rush hour on the way home.
  • The kids yelling and screaming when you get home.
  • After a long day having to make dinner for the family.
  • Being frustrated and stressed because you can’t get to sleep.
  • Start the cycle of stress again.

It is OK to be Stressed Occasionally

The above situations do stress us and that’s fine as long as it only happening occasionally. A long time ago it was a required natural response for survival. However, as you can see from this list, today is not really a threatening to our survival like a panther in the jungle might. It is still stress though and in today’s busy world, there are sometimes too many stressors. Given this it can be really hard to wind down and relax.

Everyone really does need to be able to relax, to metaphorically recharge their batteries. Relaxing is imperative for our overall well-being. We can help you by offering you several different techniques that can allow you to relax better and relieve your stress. Feel free to contact us today.  

Regularly Being Stressed Can be Damaging

The above stressful situations might happen regularly on a rinse and repeat basis. This means you are constantly being stressed. This has a knock-on effect in your world. If you are full of stress response hormones, you might not even be able to sleep well. This means you wake up stressed about being tired. In the long term all the persistent stress can lead to burnout, which can be devastating. Devastating not just for you but, all those around you too. If this sounds like you, making an hypnotherapy appointment with us right now is a really good idea. We can help you.

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  1. Reading this article about stress and stressors helped me understand. Thanks. I can now see whats causing problems for me but, I dont see any methods of dealing with them here. If I get highly stressed when I am in traffic for instance what can I do about it? I will be watching this page for your answers. Thanks.

    1. Hi Solly, thanks for your message. There are many techniques I can discuss to help you with traffic or driving stress. Simple ones include planning your journey to avoid busy times and taking a few deep breathes when you feel stress coming on. If you wish to book in please feel free I do online appointments to suit your schedual.

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