5 Ways to Build Rapport - Key Skills for Building Good Rapport Quickly

5 ways to build rapport | Names are important | Use an eyebrow flash | Smile! | Active listening | Clear jargon-free communication

5 Easy Skills for You to Build Good Rapport With

Picture of good rapport building over a cup of tea

  1. I begin by explaining the importance of introducing yourself by name and also asking for their name too. Names are a main method of getting an instant connection with someone new.
  2. Next there is using the classic, age-old eyebrow flash. This small but powerful bit of non-verbal communication (body language). It is used to say, hello, you are welcome, you belong here. This is a learned technique that is even used by primates for the same purpose.
  3. Another great non-verbal is smiling. Don’t forget your smile. It makes you look approachable and friendly. It makes the world around you feel like a better place. Smiles are also very contagious.
  4. Using active listening skills makes for good rapport.
  5. Keeping your communication clear and jargon-free. You want to be understood and keeping things as simple as your audience required is a good way to do that.

Read this small series of posts to find out more about how these techniques can help you when it comes to building good rapport with strangers, clients or even friends.


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