Using Clear Concice Simple Language Without Jargon Builds Better Rapport

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For good rapport keep communication simple like ABCIn any type of communication, whether it’s a casual conversation or a professional exchange, it is very important to keep your message clear and free of any confusing jargon. After all what do you want to do, converse with them meaningfully or bamboozle them with jargon making your words meaningless to them? Although jargon may be useful in specific industries and to very well-informed audiences, it can often be a barrier to building rapport with others. By keeping your language simple and straightforward, you are more likely to be understood and therefore create a positive rapport with the person you are communicating with.

When Should I Use Less Jargon & Why?

Dog confused by jargonTo minimize the use of jargon use words that everyone understands and describe things in as much detail as necessary.  It is important to take the time to consider who your audience is and what their level of understanding may be. By doing so, you can tailor your language to suit their needs and ensure that your message is communicated effectively.

As an example, imagine you have gone to a doctor with your mum. The doctor tells you, “Your mothers’ acute pains are mainly in the gastrocnemius, soleus and the tibialis posterior muscles.” Are you going to happily take them up in conversation about this or be scratching your head like most people would be? Now if the doctor said, “Your Mothers calf muscles are causing her discomfort.” Wouldn’t that be much better, much more understandable and clearer for you, your mum (and me)?

Be Mindful in Your Use of Language

To build rapport quickly, you should be mindful of your language. Keep your communication clear with little or no jargon. This technique will help ensure that the person you’re speaking to can follow along and that there’s no miscommunication. They are far more likely to feel comfortable engaging in the conversation with you if you keep things simple. Remember, building rapport is about creating a connection, and you can’t do that if the person you’re talking to doesn’t understand what you’re saying.    


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