The Importance of a Genuine Smile to Build Rapport

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A nice smile helping build rapport with othersSmiling is a universally recognized non-verbal communication signal of friendliness and warmth. It can make a significant difference in building rapport with someone, and it’s a crucial tool in creating positive relationships. When you meet someone for the first time, a genuine smile can make them feel at ease and help create an atmosphere of comfort and positivity.

Experiments Prove Smiles Work

Picture of a blank expression which will not aid rapportIntroducing yourself by name is essential, but the power of a smile can’t be overstated. A smile can offer someone a sense of openness, friendliness and willingness to communicate. It also helps people feel more connected to you, making them more likely to engage in conversation.

If you were to imagine the difference between the following two scenarios which one do you think would be better when meeting someone for the first time? Meeting someone with a blank expression (imagine this new person in front of you) or meeting someone with full eye contact and a big smile on. Which one makes you feel better just reading about it? As an experiment, at lunch time say hi to 2 people you know using the two techniques described above and see which gets a better response.

Smile, Eyebrows & Name are All Important

Smiling can make you appear to be an really engaging freindly prospect for conversation. In addition to smiling, using an eyebrow flash and using someone’s name in a conversation, it’s also important to maintain eye contact and be present in the moment. People can tell when you’re not fully engaged, and it can harm the relationship. Show that you’re invested in the conversation by nodding your head, asking questions, and repeating back keywords that they say to you. Active listening shows that you’re present and interested in what they have to say, which is essential in building rapport.


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